Cut Flowers

Flowers have always been a part of our life.  As a young girl transplanted from New York City to Upstate New York, I was first entranced by the exquisite blooms of the two peony bushes in our front yard.  My fascination with nature and flowers grew, encouraged by a mother who allowed her children to roam freely over the fields and through the woods and always urged us to bring home trophies from our adventures.  Chris followed a similar path and his first real garden evolved in the shade of a backyard maple.  It was a woodland and wildflower garden that began in the footprint of his childhood sandbox with a simple purple violet, descendents of which thrive in our own garden today.  Chris picked a bouquet of these violets and presented them to me in an antique bottle on our first picnic.  At that moment I suspected I had found a partner as enthusiastic about plants and flowers as I was.  We have continued to cultivate our shared passion for plants and our extensive gardens yield an astonishing variety of plant matter.

Floral Design

We have been arranging for special events for many years and our projects range from classic arrangements to traditional farm flower bouquets to arrangments with a focus on the natural beauty of our native grasses and plants. If you desire out of season or unusual flowers, our access to a wholesale florist house insures exotic offerings imported from around the world.

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