Welcome to Edgewood

Welcome to Edgewood an Organic Gentleman Farm in Big Indian, NY

In 1998, a long neglected farm passed into the hands of two avid gardeners seeking a Catskill Mountain property with open spaces and mountain streams.  Over the last decade the property has slowly reawakened and, as stewards of this enchanting place, we have been rewarded with an astonishing abundance of hardy garden plants and grasses, ornamental annuals, heritage vegetables and cut flowers.  The pursuit of the pastoral life has resulted in a growing farm family that now includes our flock of rare and heritage chickens and a charming tribe of Nubian dairy goats.

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Woodstock Hidden Kitchen & Edgewood

Congratulations Deanna on your successful Kickstarter project!

In January, Deanna of Woodstock’s Hidden Kitchen raised project funds to purchase a 1985 RV and commence with this year’s mission to introduce more of our local farm produce at her catering events.  Deanna, our inspiring CSA partner and tireless champion offers unique fine dining options with catered events in the Catskills, the Hudson Valley and New York City.  Her first Kickstarter project featured a video filmed in part here at Edgewood.

Woodstock Hidden Kitchen

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This Site is a Work in Progress

This website is a work in progress and we are just learning how to use this amazing content management system called WordPress. We love it so far!

Hopefully in the coming weeks and months we will learn more, gain control of this crazy medium called the web and start to make this site more useful and fun!

Please bear with us as we learn and grow.

All the best,

Chris & Anique

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