As long time gardeners and residents of the Catskill Mountains, a tradition of Sunday drives and a quest to acquire a homestead suitable for a gentleman’s farm led us deeper into the Catskills and eventually to a forgotten property.  In 1998, we purchased a 200 year old farm located in the heart of the mountains. Over a decade of sensitive restoration has followed and we are blessed with a property that offers much in the way of cultivated gardens and groomed wilderness.

Our efforts on the property have been shaped by our desire to steward the land without losing sight of the original simplicity and natural beauty of the house and surrounding acreage.  We have sought to nurture the abundance of native plants while restoring long neglected apple trees and plantings from previous inhabitants.  Our mission to honor the farm’s history has led to animal husbandry and our extended family now includes four dogs, two cats, chickens, dairy goats and a very handsome pony.

The years of cultivating our gardens and embarking on a food growing adventure has resulted in an excess of seasonal offerings and the desire to share our bounty.  Our focus has always been on unusual plant combinations in the garden with historic and native plants taking precedence.  We grow a variety of hardy garden plants and grasses, cut flowers, ornamental annuals, heritage vegetables and offer fresh eggs from our free roaming hens.